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Bramford Gauging Station- Eel Pass


Making the impassable…passable


The Bramford Gauging Station, on the River Gipping provides important flow and level data for water level management and flood warning, however as it presents a formidable, impassable barrier to eel migration, improvements to assist migration of juvenile eels were commissioned under the Eels (England and Wales) Regulations 2009.


Aquatic Control Engineering are pleased to announce that ACE won the contract to design and install the over pumped eel pass on the old lock channel and look forward to the positive results of the completed installation during the next migration period.

The design of the pass was unique, albeit using ACE’s modular HDPE design, due to the requirement to maintain uninterrupted flow over the gauging weir, whilst maintaining safe access to operators and maintenance staff.


The site was identified as an ideal location for improving eel and elver passage following regular dialogue between ACE and the EA’s fisheries specialists, leading to the preferred solution being successfully designed and instigated.

The size and layout of the structure made the design of the eel pass a challenge, along with the important functionality of the station, and the fact it is an historic structure.


Due to the site being located in the proximity of a residential property and local public the site management had to include provision to deal with potential exposure to the public.

Fortunately, ACE’s history of safe working meant that the additional responsibility of being the main contractor under the recently updated CDM regulations could be fully complied with, with the inclusion of various specialised safety mitigation methods and working practices.


ACE would like to thank representatives from the Environment Agency who were invaluable to the success of this project, and also Bramford Open Spaces for their assistance with access and provision of our working space.




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