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Wastops quick and easy to fit

The Charvil and Teddington scheme demonstrated the efficiency of ACE’s installation team as it entailed the installation of 5 WaStop® Non Return Valves at two locations within one day.

This project is also demonstrative of the versatility of the WaStop® valves as it can be installed internally as well as externally. The Charvil and Teddington sites are situated off the River Thames.
The silt and the debris from the river bed and the fact that both locations had potential for deep and fast flowing water meant that they would benefit from WaStop Valves to prevent backflow into the dike.

WaStops are designed to prevent liquids, gases and odours releasing in unwanted areas, they also act as a barriers for small animals and insects. 2 of the WaStop® Valves were installed externally at Teddington while the 3 Valves at Charvil were internally installed.

ACE’s vast and efficient working history allowed both projects to be completed in a short amount of time, however they are also often fitted just as easily by end users. ACE would like to thank J T Mackley & Co Ltd. for their involvement in this project.



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