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Sustainability is one of ACE’s core values, ensuring that all our activities consider the impact on the environment, and inherently many of our products help to protect species and promote natural migration. Through detailed calculation and the use of modern materials, our manufacturing process ensure we limit excess material, recycle waste and use comparably carbon-friendly materials. We also have a range of products specifically for use for conserving wildlife, such as Eel Passes, Fish Friendly Flapvalves, pumps and intake screening, and fabricated fish passes including the FFI Siphon Fish Pass.

Fish Friendly Axial Pumps

Fish Friendly Screw Pumps

Fish Friendly Outfalls

Water Level Management

Water is one of the Earth’s most precious resources. Striking the balance of ecology and nature al

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Fish Deterrent Systems

Fish & Eel Migration Equipment

ACE believe in the need for fish and eel and preservation.  However, without compromising flood def

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