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Fish Friendly Axial Pumps

Fish Friendly Pump

Fish friendly pump technology


  • Ultra-efficient pumping at high capacity
  • Unrivalled protection to fish and eels
  • Promotes natural passage
  • Virtually maintenance free



ACE offer a wide range of pumping solutions. All with a unique and innovative design at their core to promote safety to fish passing through. Working alongside¬† leading specialists in fish passage and pumping solutions, the range has been developed to be some of the world’s most efficient drainage pumps without compromising on safety to aquatic life.


The design of the pumps incorporates a number of features to ensure low risk to fish:

  • Unique leading edge, guiding fish and preventing impact, as well as low surface disruption
  • Lower speeds and use of variable speed drives to optimise performance
  • Screw pumps housed in a moving drum, reduces risk of trapping


Based in the Netherlands, Fishflow Innovations are one of the world’s leading specialists in fish passage and conservation technology. Using forward thinking to improve passage technology, with products such as fish friendly screw pumps and turbines, strobe light fish deterrents and the FFI siphon fish pass.


Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis are also one of the world’s leading manufacturers of land drainage pumps. With an established pedigree and an impressive portfolio have worked alongside FFI and ACE to develop a fish friendly range of axial pumps which has been proven in the field.


Independent testing (which is mandatory on every pump installation in the Netherlands) has proven the ACE fish friendly pump range to be virtually 100% fish friendly, offering vast reductions in injury to fish. ACE can provide various unbiased reports into the pump’s fish protection performance, so please contact us for more details.


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