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Heavy Duty Flow Control

Heavy Duty Flow Control – Reliability when you need it most


Whether small or large, ACE’s flow control equipment offers reliability through robust design, trouble free operation even when used infrequently, and years of experience in design and manufacture. Although ACE products are strong as standard, our manufacturing processes allow us to up-rate all our equipment to cope with arduous applications. Whether this is due to water depth, wave action or environments such as marine or process liquids ACE can tailor a solution that requires heavy duty flow control. ACE have a range of equipment built as-standard suitable for heavy duty applications, however please contact us if you require any of our equipment for more demanding applications.

  • KSA-HD Penstocks – Designed for 10MwC as a standard, or up-rated as required (previous examples in excess of 25m depth)
  • Pumped flapvalves – Designed for pumped applications, but can be used for coastal outfalls. Flapvalves can be produced to order to suit any application.
  • Wastop® Non return valve – Often used offshore and in coastal environment – suitable for up to 8m depth (previous examples up to 1500mm diameter)
  • Side hung doors/Mitre doors – High capacity outfall protection, with benefit of fish friendliness
  • Flood doors – heavy duty temporary defences, quick and easy to deploy but subtly hidden when not in use.
  • Turnkey/Bespoke projects – ACE have a wealth of experience in the design of bespoke equipment for specific requirements, providing advice on features to overcome tricky installation conditions, underwater work and tidal application.


HD Penstocks
HD Penstocks
Side hung doors
Side hung doors fitted at Fairbourne
Pumped or Tidal Flap valves
Pumped or Tidal Flapvalves
Flood Doors
Flood Doors
WaStop non return valve
Wastop Non return valves
Turnkey Solutions
Turnkey Solutions



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