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Heavy Engineering

ACE’s range of products and expertise is indeed vast, and whether you require a 100mm flapvalve or a bespoke weir structure, you can expect the same level of service and quality. Due to the nature of the environments we work in, we often have requirements which require something heavy duty for heavy engineering, manufactured to exacting specifications, or something completely new.


Within our supply network, we have specialist designers and manufacturers that can accommodate bespoke design and tailoring of their products, often to simplify installation or make operation fit our customer’s requirements.


ACE works alongside Jansen Venneboer, part of the Spie group, where these requirements require something particularly large, heavy duty or designed specifically for a particular purpose. Jansen Venneboer specialise in marine engineering, with a heritage in the Netherlands that covers large scale projects including the design and installation of lock-gates, swing bridges, radial gates and other engineered structures.


Manufacturing in a customer built and large-scale facility, Jansen Venneboer use both metals such as steel, stainless steel and aluminium, as well as composite plastics. Using cutting edge technology, Jansen Venneboer can design and simulate critical structures to ensure strength, giving peace of mind for flood defence and water control structures.


For further information on ACE’s capabilities, please see our project case studies below, or contact us for more details.



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