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PTO Driven Pumps

PTO Driven Pumps


  • Versatile, mobile and quick to deploy
  • High capacity- 1200 m3/hour
  • High debris handling allowance (70mm)
  • Easily coupled to a wide range of machinery
  • Also ideal for temporary works during construction


During a flood event, time and resources are often stretched, due to short-notice weather events and the labour intensive nature of mobilisation of protection equipment. ACE PTO driven pumps are an ideal solution to reduce the impact of flooding, as they can be deployed with minimal effort, and are designed with speed of mobilisation as the key feature.


The ACE PTO Driven Pump range has various options, all of which couple to the three point linkage of most common tractors, for quick and easy mobilisation to site. Some versions also integrate a trailer to allow the pipework to be transported and quickly deployed to site, using quick-release couplings- deployment can be achieved within a matter of minutes rather than hours.


The systems are designed to be deployed by two operatives, and include facilities to keep manual handling tasks to a minimum. They are also designed to be very robust, for use in multiple environments, handling solids up to 70mm with ease, up to a 2m head lift.


Although the PTO Driven Pumps are designed for use in flood conditions, they are also ideal for use for temporary works on a more regular basis, as they can be easily deployed daily and removed from site at the end of each shift- this makes them perfect particularly for short projects, vandal prone areas or even periodical inspections.


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