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Wastop Residential

Peace of mind with Wastop ® Residential Non return valve

When sewer systems become overloaded the point of least resistance becomes an emergency outlet for the sewer. This point can be in a basement or low lying homes, through the toilet, shower, drain or hand basin. Wastop ® Residential protects your home from flooding and back-flow caused by overloaded sewers.

Wastop ® Residential is available in two sizes to suit standard drains- 110mm (4″) and 160mm (6″).


  • Easy installation – no gluing or levelling
  • Pulsating flow minimizing the risk of clogging
  • Unique heavy duty memory membrane
  • No moving parts  – virtually maintenance-free
  • Stops liquids, odours, insects and small animals
  • Peace of mind – stops flooding effectively
  • The market leader – driving innovation
  • CE Approved  for use in residential applications


WaStop R is certified for use in sewer applications according to CE SS-EN-13564.

ACE also run a distributor network to cover the Wastop R residential range, to allow quick access via local suppliers. For Wastop R requirements, please contact your local supplier.


Muna – Newcastle upon Tyne

T: 0191 268 2619

E: info@munauk.com

W: www.munauk.co.uk


Laffran – Grantham

T: 01400 230954

E: laffran@btconnect.com

W: www.laffran.co.uk


Forward BS – Ellesmere Port

T: 0151 357 1035

E: sales@forwardbs.co.uk

W: www.forwardbs.co.uk

Flood Divert

Flood Divert – York

T: 01904 607681

E: info@flooddivert.co.uk

W: www.flooddivert.co.uk


Aquobex – Didcot

T: 01923 518582

E: enquiries@aquobex.com

W: www.aquobex.com


PAM TIES Ltd – Greater Manchester

T: 01942 887 920

E: info@pamties.co.uk

W: www.pamties.co.uk


Hitchcock & King – West London

T: 02080 128 032

E: sales@hitchcockandking.co.uk

W: www.hitchcockandking.co.uk

Become a distributor
Become a distributor
Wastop Non return valve

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