Habitat Creation

Habitat creation At Aquatic Control Engineering

Aquatic Control Engineering is dedicated to creating and maintaining diverse habitats. Therefore we use advanced technology to create sustainable aquatic environments that boost biodiversity and ecological balance. From wetlands to river restorations, we tailor each habitat to support local ecosystems.

About Habitat creation

We regularly work with clients from the RSPB or Natural England to help with habitat creation.

Our range of windmill pumps and Auto Top Up Sluices are used to ensure wading bird habitats are kept topped up. We also have solutions to manage water levels such as tilting weirs which can be operated using our Compact Solar Control panels. These are great solutions to use in remote locations, and extremely environmentally friendly requiring no mains electricity.

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We Supply A Variety Of
Habitat Creation Solutions

In habitat creation, ACE provides tailored solutions to meet customer needs. Our portfolio includes pumps, fish screening, fish friendly turbines and weed screen cleaners for various environments. Protect your habitats and communities with confidence.

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How We Work With You


Site Assessment

Before starting any project, we conduct a thorough site assessment, analyzing topography, flood patterns, and vulnerabilities. As a result, this data-driven approach enables us to develop a customised flood defence strategy that suits your unique location.

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Collaborative Planning

At ACE, we believe in working hand in hand with our clients. We also collaborate closely with you to understand your requirements, budget, and timelines. Furthermore, your input is vital as we develop a tailored flood defence plan, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your vision.

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Open Communication

Throughout the entire process, we prioritise transparent communication as a cornerstone of our approach at Aquatic Control Engineering. We understand the importance of keeping you informed and involved in every stage of the flood defence project, ensuring your confidence in our solutions.

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Our skilled team utilises cutting-edge technologies for efficient project implementation. Once the flood defence system is in place, we continue to support you with ongoing maintenance services. Moreover, this proactive approach ensures that your defence remains effective and reliable in the face of potential flood threats.

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Why Choose Aquatic Control For Habitat Creation

Choosing ACE for Habitat creation comes with numerous advantages:

Long-Term Control

ACE offers solutions for controlling invasive species in or near water, promoting a healthy aquatic ecosystem.

Enhancing Habitats

ACE’s practices manage overgrowth of harmful plants, preserving native flora and fauna, and maintaining water quality.

Shoreline Protection

ACE’s shoreline planting not only creates habitats for aquatic species but also reduces erosion and protects shorelines from wave action.

Balanced Ecosystem

ACE ensures a balanced aquatic ecosystem that promotes biodiversity, controls algal growth, and stabilises water levels.

We Pride Ourselves In Offering The Highest Quality Products, Services & Solutions To Our Clients.

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Efficient, professional and friendly

The ACE project management team managed their supply chain very well, always meeting all of our requests and dealing with changes in an efficient, professional and friendly manner. They are good people to work with and achieved high safety standards, embracing all of our safety procedures and requirements.

Steve Cribbin-Balfour Beatty


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We have solutions that can be installed without the need for electricity on site. These include windpumps and our automated top up sluice. We can also supply our CSC which can be used to actuate penstocks and tilting weirs using solar power.

Yes. Our automated top up sluice is the ideal solution for keeping water levels by topping up from a higher level water course.

Yes. We have many solutions to aid in water level management. From top up sluices, tilting weirs and double leaf penstocks we have a solution for most environments. Speak to our team of experts about your specific requirements.

Yes. For maintaining a constant water level ACE have a number of products and solutions to help. We have automated solutions that require no power such as our automated top up sluice and windpumps. We can also provide tilting weirs and double leaf penstocks.

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