Automatic Debris & Trash Screen Cleaners

Our Range Of Automatic Debris & Trash Screen Cleaners

To ensure reliable and continuous flow through pumping stations, intakes are often fitted with screens to prevent trash and weed entering the pumps. However, this poses an issue with clogging if not regularly maintained. In some cases, this can be unmanageable or unsafe using manual methods. We supply and install a range of automatic screen cleaning solutions.

Back Raking Machines

Back Raking Machines are a self-contained, efficient units for debris removal at smaller intakes, ensuring minimal site costs.

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Weedscreen Cleaners

Weedscreen Cleaners are devices designed to efficiently remove and dispose of debris from water intake systems.

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Automatic Debris & Trash Screen Cleaners By ACE

Water flow is essential for multiple applications, including power generation and flood defence projects, to name a few. Effective screen cleaning systems are necessary to remove unwanted debris and ensure uninterrupted water flow. Luckily, ACE offers screen cleaning solutions that feature simple designs, efficient debris handling, and operational reliability, making them an ideal option for single or multiple bar screens.

ACE screen cleaners offer a service life of up to 30 years, providing highly sustainable and cost-effective solutions for your needs. Our team of experienced professionals guides you throughout the entire process, ensuring your product is environmentally friendly, sustainable, and economically viable.

Moreover, ACE screen cleaners are the world’s most durable, efficient, and operationally safe screen cleaners. Despite this accolade, we remain committed to innovation. Our ideas go through rigorous testing and analysis using digitally monitored production systems to simulate real-life situations. We never solely rely on computer-generated theories, as we physically test all our computational finite element analysis methods.

At ACE, we design and build screen cleaners that exceed expectations. Our products are not only of top-notch quality, but they are also environmentally responsible. Processing costs remain low thanks to our experienced specialists who excel at providing expertise from conceptual design to commissioning and start-up phases. By prioritising innovation, quality, and environmental responsibility, ACE is dedicated to providing solutions that benefit both customers and the environment.

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