Weed Boats

Weed boats

ACE supply Berkenheger weed boats, offering a range of floating and amphibious craft for cutting and collecting weed and debris.


  • High output, high versatility
  • Easy to operate and transport
  • Wide range of attachments
  • Bespoke solutions, including amphbious


Aquatic Control Engineering are the sole UK supplier for Berkenheger, based in Germany, who are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of weed boats and other waterway maintenance machinery. Berkenheger have over 50 years of experience, and are constantly developing improved weed boats for cutting and clearing weed and debris from watercourses.


Attachment options for cutting weed and collecting debris include, but are not limited to, T cutter bars, Weed cutting baskets, lifting rakes, trailing knives and lifting booms, and ACE have previously also supplied items such as floating barges for transporting debris that can couple directly to the weedboat.


The Weedboat range has a number of sizes and types, offering a selection of options to improve operator safety and comfort, along with various attachments depending on specific application. Weed boat designs can also be fully customised as required, and be supplied along with easy to use trailers , quick-change attachment options and items such as canopies, covers and other accessories.


ACE weedboats are also available as Amphibian versions, allowing safe and easy transition between the water and land, or for use in shallow water. Using a variety of track types, the Amphibian features add further versatility without compromising power.


ACE also supply a range of Berkenheger Weed Harvesters, which simultaneously cut and collect weed and trash, storing large volumes to reduce emptying frequency, to further improve efficiency.


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