Strobe Light System

Strobe Light System

We provide equipment to prevent injury to fish through structures such as pumping stations. Strobe Light Systems encourage fish to move away from the intake before plant is operated.

Aquatic Life Protection

Strobe Light Systems provide equipment that prevents injury to fish and eels through structures such as pumping stations.

Ultra-Bright, Low Energy LEDs

The systems use ultra-bright, low energy LEDs with lenses to intensify the light, making them both effective and economical.

Self-Cleaning Design

The system is designed to remain clean even in river environments and can be equipped with automatic cleaning systems for simple inspection.

About Strobe Light System

Fish and eels take refuge particularly in dark, covered areas, the sudden introduction of bright light acts as a fish deterrent and causes them to leave the area. With a Strobe Light System, a wall of bright flashing light is created to do just that. The strobes have been specially designed to be ultra-bright and using low energy LEDs with lenses to intensify the light, they are both effective and cheap to run.

The system is designed to remain clean even in river environments and can be provided with automatic cleaning systems and lifting equipment to allow simple inspection. Testing in the Netherlands showed 10x fewer eels approaching Ijmuiden Pumping station following installation in 2011.

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Why Choose A Strobe Light System


Prevents Aquatic Injury

The strobe lights act as a deterrent, encouraging aquatic life to move away from dangerous areas, thus preventing potential injuries.


Energy Efficiency

The use of low energy LEDs makes this system cost-effective to run, offering long-term savings.


Ease Of Maintenance

With its automatic cleaning systems and easy inspection features, the Strobe Light System requires minimal maintenance effort.


Proven Effectiveness

Testing in the Netherlands demonstrated a significant reduction in eels approaching a pumping station after the installation of a Strobe Light System, indicating its effectiveness.

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Strobe Light Systems In Action

Strobe Light System Brochures & Data Sheets

Frequently Asked Questions

Fish deterrent systems are used at pumping stations and intakes where fish and eels may be taking refuge. The deterrent systems encourage the fish and eels to move away from the potentially lethal intakes prior to them starting.

The strobe light system is programmed to start flashing prior to the operation of a pump. Fish naturally seek refuge in dark covered areas, the immediate flashing of lights causes the fish to leave the area.

Yes. However, the ACE strobe light system is designed to stay clean even in river environments. We can also provide automatic cleaning systems for particularly turbid areas.

No. The strobe light system uses energy efficient LED’s.

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    More About Strobe Light Systems

    In our commitment to preserving aquatic ecosystems, we offer cutting-edge equipment designed to prevent fish injury near structures like pumping stations. Among our innovative solutions, Fish Deterrent Strobe Lights stand out as an effective means to encourage fish and eels to move away from intake areas before plant operations commence.

    Fish and eels tend to seek refuge in dark, covered areas, posing a risk during plant operation. Strobe Light Systems play a crucial role in mitigating this risk by introducing sudden bursts of bright light that act as a deterrent, compelling fish to vacate the area promptly. This proactive approach ensures the safety of aquatic life around critical structures.

    The Strobe Light System generates a wall of intensely bright flashing lights, strategically designed to create a visual barrier that redirects fish away from potential harm. Engineered with ultra-bright, low-energy LEDs and specialised lenses to amplify the light, these strobes are both highly effective and cost-efficient to run.

    Our system is meticulously designed to withstand river environments, remaining clean and functional even in challenging conditions. For added convenience, automatic cleaning systems and lifting equipment can be integrated, facilitating straightforward inspection and maintenance.

    The effectiveness of our Fish Deterrent Strobe Lights is evident in real-world applications. Testing conducted in the Netherlands following the installation at Ijmuiden Pumping Station in 2011 revealed a remarkable reduction of 10 times fewer eels approaching the station. Choose our Strobe Light Systems to not only ensure the safe passage of fish but also to contribute to the overall health and preservation of aquatic ecosystems.