Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey Solutions At Aquatic Control Engineering

Aquatic Control Engineering offers turnkey solutions, managing every step from design to installation. Our team handles planning, system design, procurement, construction, and commissioning, ensuring efficiency and quality. This allows clients to focus on their core business while we handle their project complexities.

Turnkey solutions for flood defence systems & biodiversity

With two decades of experience in the Water industry, we have built up a strong supply chain of experts and wide-ranging knowledge in a variety of sectors. We regularly manage multi-discipline projects, using both in house personnel and specialist sub-contractors. We support our customers in CDM compliance, full packages including mechanical, electrical, hydraulic elements, including design liaison.

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How It Works

Navigating through project complexities can be daunting, but our streamlined project management process at ACE makes it easy and seamless for you. Here’s a breakdown of how our system works:


Define Your Goals

Our turnkey solutions at Aquatic Control Engineering begin with a thorough understanding of your project’s ambitions and objectives. As a result, this crucial step forms the basis for a well-defined project scope.

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Planning & Scheduling

Once we’ve grasped the full scope of your project, our skilled team meticulously strategises and schedules your project. In addition, we manage the allocation of resources, ensuring the right people and equipment are ready to execute the plan.

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Execution & Monitoring

With a robust plan in place, we launch into the implementation phase of the turnkey solution. Our seasoned project managers guide the team, maintaining a keen eye for detail. We also consistently monitor progress to ensure we remain aligned with deadlines.

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Seamless Handover

Upon successful completion of the project, we conduct a detailed handover. Therefore, we provide all necessary documentation and training to ensure an effortless integration of the turnkey solution into your existing operations.

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Why Choose Aquatic Control?

Choosing ACE for your aquatic engineering turnkey solutions comes with numerous advantages:

Customised Solutions

At ACE, we create turnkey solutions tailored to your specific needs. This ensures your project’s success by meeting its unique objectives.

Expert Planning

Our team of experts meticulously plan and schedule every aspect of your project. This leads to efficient resource allocation and smooth project execution.

Experienced Execution

With ACE, you get the experience and expertise of seasoned project managers who lead and monitor your project with precision. This ensures on-time delivery and quality results. 

Seamless Integration

We provide comprehensive handovers, including all necessary documentation and training. As a result, there’s seamless integration process of our turnkey solutions.

We Pride Ourselves In Offering The Highest Quality Products, Services & Solutions To Our Clients.

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Efficient, professional and friendly

The ACE project management team managed their supply chain very well, always meeting all of our requests and dealing with changes in an efficient, professional and friendly manner. They are good people to work with and achieved high safety standards, embracing all of our safety procedures and requirements.

Steve Cribbin-Balfour Beatty


Frequently Asked Questions

We tailor packages to suit your level of expertise and budget, allowing us to purely supply the mechanical equipment, or provide additional services, such as survey’s (including underwater), installation, automation and control, inspection, and maintenance.

We work with our clients to understand their requirements. By working with our clients we can design a solution that meets their needs and an installation schedule that matches their requirements. 

ACE has a team of highly trained and experienced project managers. Our project managers understand our clients’ needs and regularly deliver multi-million pound projects to CDM regulations and specific iso accreditations.

We believe in a collaborative approach with our customers and provide tailored packages both large and small. We offer a friendly, personal service and have the capability to carry out turnkey projects. This includes bespoke design, installation using our full-time site team, ancillary products and services such as control systems for automation. and full CDM co-ordination.

We pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality, in everything we do. Peace of mind is paramount to the level of service, expertise and experience our team of professionals provide to you.

ACE are fully accredited in ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001, to ensure that our systems and processes guarantee products and services are the highest quality, 100% safe and sustainable. We go the extra mile where the quality of service is concerned, with in-house IOSH, NEBOSH and IEMA managers, and a continual training programme to ensure our personnel remain up to date on quality, safety and environmental legislation.

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