Fish Passes

Fish Passes


  • Reduce build time, cost and risk
  • Tailor made to your requirements
  • Proven technology with modern materials


Construction works within watercourses are fraught. Often with costly dewatering, risk of pollution and potential injury. This often leads to either high capital cost or even compromise on solutions. Even sites being deemed un-viable – this is where ACE can assist.


ACE offer a wide range of pre-fabricated fish passage equipment. These alleviate site costs and logistical challenge. Therefore, increasing the possibilities and reducing hassle. Whether a complete new structure, or upgrading older systems. ACE have options available that save time on site, reduce construction cost and avoid risk.


Common types


  • HDPE Larinier tiles
    • Often, individual Larinier baffles are fitted to sloping structures. However, they require a large amount of fixings, and have to be set out very accurately to function correctly. Incorporate up to 5 correctly spaced baffles in one tile. Therefore, removing two thirds of the fixings required. Once the first tile is set out, the others follow on without any further measurement. In all, fitting time is vastly reduced, as are risks such as hand arm vibration and dust inhalation.
  • Pre-fabricated Larinier/Alaskan A Passes
    • Particularly for new structures, fish passes include a lot of in-channel concrete work. The benefits of off-site construction are clear. ACE offer a range of fabricated fish passes, built in sections to allow safe handling and quick assembly. Available in materials such as HDPE, Aluminium, GMS and Composites.
  • FFI Siphon Fish pass
    • The ultimate in fish pass technology. Bringing together pool and traverse fish passage into a siphon to allow control of flow rate. This makes the fish pass ideal for all species of fish, with comparatively low build cost compared to heavy-civil structures.


All fish pass technology offered by ACE can incorporate eel and lamprey passage as required. Similarly conforms with the Environment Agency fish pass manual. ACE are also happy to assist with the approval process as part of fish pass packages. Providing full survey and design using high-tech 3d modelling for clear visuals and accurate dimensions.


ACE also offer a range of fish friendly pumps, and also fish friendly intake protection. Please see our case studies for more details of recent fish pass works, or contact us if you wish to discuss your requirements further.

Larinier fish pass
Larinier tiles-quick installation
Fish pass
Fish passes to your specification
Siphon Fish Pass
Siphon Fish pass- ultimate passage

No compromise on strength


ACE often get asked about the strength of HDPE, as traditionally, metals such as mild and stainless steel are used for individual larinier baffles. HDPE is very shock absorbent, and is constructed in a way that uses it’s shape and the material property to ensure strength. To demonstrate the strength, please see the video below- although not a “scientific” test, this demonstrates the capability of the material……


Larinier tile put through it's paces....



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