Eel Passes

Eel Passes

Our Eel Passes follow a simple concept to use elver’s instincts to attract and promote safe passage.

Instinct-Based Design

The design of the Eel Passes uses the natural instincts of elvers to seek out fresh water, providing them a safe passage for migration.

Simulation of Natural Environment

The Eel Passes simulate wet grass and other substrates that elvers naturally use for migration, aiding their journey inland.

Attraction Flow

A unique feature of these Eel Passes is the provision of an attraction flow, which helps elvers find the safe route more easily.

About Eel Passes

Elvers have a natural instinct to seek out fresh water. When they encounter a barrier, they attempt to migrate upstream via wet grass, or other sources of fresh water. This has been hampered in recent years following improvements in seal designs on sluices, removal of vegetation and urbanisation. However, the installation of ACE eel passes can reduce this decline. By simulating wet grass and other substrates and providing an attraction flow, elvers can find a safe route to continue their journey inland.

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Why Choose Eel Passes


Promote Safe Migration

Eel Passes provide a safe route for elvers to migrate upstream, promoting the survival and continued journey of these creatures.


Mitigate Urbanisation Effects

With improvements in seal designs on sluices, removal of vegetation, and urbanisation hampering natural migration routes, Eel Passes help counter these challenges.


Contribute To Eel Conservation:

By facilitating safe migration routes, Eel Passes contribute to the conservation efforts for this endangered species.


Flexible Installation

Given their design, Eel Passes can be installed around any structure, making them a versatile solution for various water bodies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the delivery can be complex due to obstructions, traffic routes and existing services. However, our modular, proven concept allows the systems routed around almost all situations with minimal disruption.

This can depend on the site location and ease of access and egress. However, we have a team of experts on hand to install your eel pass.

Yes, ACE will visit your site and carry out a full survey and appraisal of existing structures. Provide advice based on over 10 years of experience, drawing on best practice around the UK. Our design is then provided using 3d modelling software to clearly visualize the interface with the site. In addition, any safety or construction considerations that are required. All of which can assist with consent application.

Eels naturally seek out fresh water. When they encounter an obstruction, they seek out alternative routes to pass, this can include wet grass or leaks in structures. ACE eel passes are designed to simulate wet grass and provide an attraction flow to aid the elvers safe passage.

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    More About Eel Passes

    Our ACE Eel Passes are ingeniously designed, leveraging the instinctual behaviour of elvers to facilitate safe and unhindered passage. Elvers, guided by their natural inclination to seek fresh water, encounter obstacles in their journey, especially due to improved seal designs on sluices, vegetation removal, and urbanisation. The ACE Eel Pass installation serves as a vital intervention to counteract this decline and ensure the continuation of their inland migration.

    Simulating the environment elvers seek, including wet grass and other substrates, our passes create an attraction flow that guides these freshwater seekers to a secure pathway. This thoughtful design addresses the challenges posed by modern alterations to their natural habitat.

    As part of our comprehensive service, a thorough survey and appraisal of existing structures are conducted. Leveraging 3D modelling software, our design visualises the interface with the site, ensuring precision in execution and optimal alignment with environmental conditions.

    Crafted from modern, robust materials, our eel passes guarantee long-term reliability. Easy to install, maintain, and monitor for safety, these passes provide a seamless and reliable route for numerous elvers. The design and material choices ensure the longevity of the pass, contributing to the sustained success of elver migration in the face of contemporary challenges.

    ACE Eel Passes provide an innovative solution that harmonises with nature, leveraging elvers’ instincts for safe passage. Our commitment to effective design, durability, and environmental stewardship makes these passes a sustainable and reliable choice for facilitating the migration of elvers.