Eel Pass

Bramford Gauging Station Eel Pass

The Brief

The Bramford Gauging Station, crucial for flow and level data, posed a significant barrier to eel migration. In compliance with the Eels (England and Wales) Regulations 2009, improvements were sought to facilitate the passage of juvenile eels. Aquatic Control Engineering (ACE) secured the contract to design and install an over-pumped eel pass on the old lock channel while ensuring uninterrupted flow over the gauging weir.

The Solution

Innovative Modular HDPE Design: ACE utilised its modular HDPE design expertise to create a unique eel pass that addressed the challenge of maintaining uninterrupted flow over the gauging weir. The design also prioritised the safety of operators and maintenance staff, ensuring safe access to the site.

Collaborative Approach: Regular dialogues between ACE and the Environment Agency’s fisheries specialists played a pivotal role in identifying the site as ideal for eel passage improvement. The collaborative approach led to a preferred solution that harmonised with the historic structure and the critical functionality of the gauging station.

Safety Mitigation and Compliance: The proximity of the site to residential areas necessitated stringent safety measures. ACE, acting as the main contractor under updated CDM regulations, ensured compliance with specialised safety mitigation methods and working practices. The history of ACE’s safe working practices facilitated the successful inclusion of public exposure considerations.

The Result

Improved Eel and Elver Passage: The completed installation of the over-pumped eel pass is expected to yield positive results during the next migration period, significantly enhancing the passage of juvenile eels and elvers at the Bramford Gauging Station.

Uninterrupted Gauging Station Functionality: Despite the structural challenges and historical significance of the gauging station, the innovative design of the eel pass successfully maintained uninterrupted flow over the gauging weir, ensuring the continued functionality of this vital water management asset.

Compliance with Safety Standards: ACE’s commitment to safe working practices and compliance with safety standards, particularly in proximity to residential areas, demonstrated a responsible and effective approach to project management.



Unique Design for Historic Structure

ACE’s ability to devise a unique eel pass design that seamlessly integrated with the historic Bramford Gauging Station showcased the company’s innovative solutions tailored to specific challenges.


Collaboration with Environment Agency

The success of the project was underlined by the collaboration between ACE and the Environment Agency. Representatives from the Environment Agency played a crucial role, contributing invaluable insights and support to ensure the project’s success.


Community Involvement and Appreciation

Acknowledgment of Bramford Open Spaces for their assistance with access and provision of working space highlighted ACE’s commitment to engaging with local communities and stakeholders, fostering positive relationships in project execution.

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