Double Leaf Penstocks

Double Leaf Penstocks

Double Leaf Penstocks allow precise level control with the ability to quickly release water for flood alleviation. They allow very accurate level management.

Precise Level Control

Double Leaf Penstocks allow very accurate level management, offering precise control over water levels.

Quick Release Feature

They have the ability to quickly release water for flood alleviation, providing an effective solution during heavy rainfall or flooding.

Durable & Low Maintenance

These penstocks are relatively lightweight yet very durable, and they require virtually no maintenance, making them a reliable choice.

About Double Leaf Penstocks

Double Leaf Penstocks have two weir plates that pen water. The lower acting as a barrier, and the upper allowing adjustment of the pen level. To flush the watercourse, discharge water quickly, or even clear the water altogether the lower plate can be raised.

Double leaf penstocks are relatively lightweight yet very durable. In addition, they are virtually maintenance-free having many of the same advantages as other ACE Penstocks.

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Why Choose Double Leaf Penstocks


Efficient Water Management

The upper and lower weir plates of Double Leaf Penstocks allow for efficient management of water levels and flow.


Flood Control

With their quick release feature, these penstocks can effectively mitigate flood risks by discharging water quickly when necessary.



Despite being lightweight, Double Leaf Penstocks are highly durable, ensuring long-lasting performance even under harsh conditions.


Low Maintenance

These penstocks share many of the advantages of other ACE Penstocks, including their low-maintenance nature, making them a cost-effective option for water management.

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Double Leaf Penstocks Brochures & Data Sheets

Frequently Asked Questions

A double leaf penstock incorporates two weir plates or leaves, which can be moved independently of each other. The top leaf acts as a weir penstock to control water flowing over the top. The bottom leaf acts as a channel penstock and can be operated to move high volumes of water.

Double leaf penstocks are ideal for use where summer and winter levels are required, as the penstock can be set to maintain a level when required or opened fully to allow free flow. It can be used as an alternative to a tilting weir where space is restricted.

Yes. Our double leaf penstocks can be fitted with an actuator that can operate them. These can be controlled by sensors set to raise or lower water levels to given targets. In situations where there is no power on-site ACE can also provide Compact Solar Control (CSC). The CSC is an intelligent solar powered actuator.

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    More About Double Leaf Penstocks

    Elevate your water level control with the precision of Double Leaf Penstocks, designed for swift water release during flood alleviation. Offering unparalleled accuracy in level management, these penstocks are a versatile solution for a variety of water control scenarios.

    Characterised by two weir plates, Double Leaf Penstocks operate seamlessly to pen water effectively. The lower weir plate acts as a robust barrier, while the upper plate allows for precise adjustments to the pen level. This dual-plate mechanism grants the flexibility to flush watercourses, release water rapidly, or clear the water altogether by raising the lower plate.

    Despite their robust performance, Double Leaf Penstocks maintain a relatively lightweight profile, ensuring ease of handling without compromising durability. This feature makes them a preferred choice for water control applications where both strength and versatility are paramount. Their virtually maintenance-free nature adds to their appeal, sharing the same advantages as other high-quality ACE Penstocks.

    Whether you require precise level control, swift water release, or effective flood alleviation, Double Leaf Penstocks deliver a comprehensive solution. Their dual-plate design, lightweight construction, and low maintenance requirements make them an efficient and reliable choice for various water management scenarios. Trust in the excellence of Double Leaf Penstocks to meet your water control needs with accuracy and durability.