Wastop Inline Check Valves

Wastop Inline Check Valves

The ingenious WaStop Inline Check Valve has been efficiently preventing back flow since its inception in 2000. We are proud to have this product in our portfolio as the UK’s main distributor. An inspired solution to all of the deficits of traditional non-return devices. It is used around the world and protects millions of people from flooding.

Flexible Sizing

Sizes are available to fit most sizes of pipes up to 1800mm. However, where more bespoke fittings are required contact us and we will be able to assist.


Due to the unique way in which it works with differential pressure it works autonomously. Therefore, there is no need for human interaction or electricity. In conclusion, without the need for constant maintenance, the WaStop just works!

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We Stock the WaStop with most sizes available on a same-day despatch through our brand AQUIKO.

About Wastop Inline Check Valves

The WaStop inline check valve can be installed at any angle and even inline. It’s also incredibly versatile as it does not require a head wall. Installation is quick and flexible taking only a fraction of the time compared with traditional flap valves. It requires greater pressure to open than it does to close. This ensures your pipelines stay clean and debris passes through with ease because of the flushing action which it creates.

Furthermore, with no mechanical parts which can be prone to blockage from rag and debris. The membrane also ensures that debris cannot prop the valve open which can be an issue for flap valves.

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Why Choose Wastop Inline Check Valves


Versatile And Easy Installation

The WaStop inline check valve can be installed at any angle and even inline, without requiring a head wall. Its installation process is quick, flexible, and much faster compared to traditional flap valves.


Effective Debris Management

The valve requires greater pressure to open than to close, ensuring that pipelines stay clean and debris passes through easily. Additionally, the membrane prevents debris from propping the valve open.


Autonomous Operation

The unique design of the WaStop inline check valve allows it to work autonomously, based on differential pressure. This removes the need for human interaction or electricity, making it a low-maintenance solution.


Proven Backflow Prevention

Since its inception in 2000, the WaStop Inline Check Valve has been efficiently preventing backflow and protecting millions of people from flooding worldwide.

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Wastop Inline Check Valves In Action

Wastop Inline Check Valves Brochures & Data Sheets

Frequently Asked Questions

The WaStop is an inline non return valve. It is a fully automated solution that works without and human interaction and offers the lowest headloss on the market. The WaStop ingenious design features a pulsating flow. This flow prevents the build-up of silt or debris, removing maintenance time and costs. The WaStop Is available for pipe sizes from 75mm up to 2100mm.

The WaStop is used to protect people and property from flooding caused by backflow. They are also used as an alternative to flap valves where silt and sand are holding flap valves shut. Due to pulsating flow the WaStop clears away all sit and debris. The WaStop can also be used to protect against odours and pests.

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Yes, The WaStop can be installed inline with the use of flexible couplings.

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    More About Wastop Inline Check Valves

    WaStop® stands as the epitome of reliability and quality in the realm of inline check valves, offering property and asset owners unparalleled peace of mind. Engineered for excellence, WaStop® surpasses industry standards with its thin stainless housing, ensuring optimal function regardless of existing pipe quality. This design not only guarantees a 100% tight seal but also ensures a low life-cycle cost and decreased energy expenses.

    The innovative membrane design adds a layer of protection, particularly in low-flow events, while pulsating flow mitigates sedimentation both upstream and downstream. Boasting an extremely low headloss and minimal maintenance costs, the memory membrane ensures durability without sagging.

    The inclusion of double collars facilitates easy installation for both inlet and outlet scenarios but also reduces costs by providing a versatile solution for various installation situations. This flexibility not only meets your budget but also streamlines the installation process, emphasising the core values of efficiency and simplicity.

    WaStop® further distinguishes itself with fixation material crafted from high-quality materials, promising a long life expectancy and low life-cycle costs. The engineered product exceeds expectations, instilling peace of mind in property owners.

    To eliminate guesswork, there is a standard range of WaStop® from DN75-1800mm. The Superior Fit Seal enhances the installation process, guaranteeing a perfect fit and zero leakage between the existing pipe and the WaStop® inline check valve. Time efficiency is paramount, emphasising our dedication to your convenience and cost-effectiveness.

    Available in various sizes, including short versions or those with flanges, WaStop® offers customisation to suit your specific needs. All standard valves are reversible for inlet or outlet installation, providing versatility whether used vertically or horizontally. Invest in WaStop® for a seamless, reliable, and efficient inline check valve solution that exceeds expectations.