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WaStop Inline Check Valve


The ingenious WaStop Inline Check Valve has been efficiently preventing back flow since its inception in 2000. We are proud to have this product in our portfolio as the UK’s main distributor. An inspired solution to all of the deficits of traditional non-return devices. It is used around the world and protects millions of people from flooding. With no mechanical parts which can be prone to blockage from rag and debris. The membrane ensures that debris cannot prop the valve open which can be an issue for flap valves.

The WaStop inline check valve can be installed at any angle and even inline. It’s also incredibly versatile as it does not require a head wall. Installation is quick and flexible taking only a fraction of the time compared with traditional flap valves. It requires greater pressure to open than it does to close. This ensures your pipelines stay clean and debris passes through with ease because of the flushing action which it creates.

Sizes are available to fit most sizes of pipes up to 1800mm. However, where more bespoke fittings are required contact ACE and we will be able to assist.

Due to the unique way in which it works with differential pressure it works autonomously. Therefore, there is no need for human interaction or electricity. In conclusion, without the need for constant maintenance, the WaStop just works!

We Stock the WaStop with most sizes available on a same-day despatch through our brand AQUIKO.

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