Gores Brook & Beam River WaStop

The Brief

The Thames Gateway, a priority area for Central Government regeneration, spans from the City of London through Thurrock, Bexley, to Southend in Essex and Sheerness in Kent. With plans for significant growth, including 120,000 new homes and 180,000 jobs over the next 20 years, flood alleviation measures are crucial. The Environment Agency, in collaboration with Interserve and Halcrow, embarked on a project involving the construction and refurbishment of pumping stations to enhance flood protection in Barking and Dagenham.

The Solution

Collaborative Consultation for Improved Solutions: ACE actively engaged with Halcrow and the Environment Agency to refine the original specification for the pumping stations. The initial concept proposed a stainless-steel flap valve solution, requiring extensive maintenance and specialized lifting equipment for inspections and repairs. Following collaborative consultations, ACE proposed an alternative solution – the supply and design of six WaStop in-line non-return valves. These valves, besides being more cost-effective than external-style alternatives, offered lower maintenance, in-pipe membrane protection, and simplified installation. Notably, the design allowed Interserve to execute the project without ACE’s installation and project management team being physically present.

Innovation in WaStop Valve Design: The chosen WaStop in-line non-return valves represented an innovative approach to flood protection. Not only did they prove more economical than the originally proposed solution, but they also addressed concerns related to maintenance, in-pipe membrane protection, and ease of installation. The adaptability of the WaStop valves allowed for successful integration into the flood alleviation infrastructure.

The Result

Enhanced Flood Protection with Reduced Maintenance: The implementation of WaStop in-line non-return valves significantly enhanced flood protection in Barking and Dagenham. The valves provided a robust and cost-effective solution, outperforming the originally specified stainless-steel flap valve alternative. Reduced maintenance requirements and in-pipe membrane protection contributed to the long-term reliability of the flood alleviation infrastructure.

Streamlined Project Execution: The simplicity of the WaStop valve installation design empowered Interserve to carry out the project seamlessly without the continuous presence of ACE’s installation and project management team. This streamlined execution saved time and resources while ensuring the effective integration of flood protection measures into the pumping stations.



Cost-Effective and Sustainable Solution

ACE’s alternative solution showcased a commitment to cost-effectiveness and sustainability. The adoption of WaStop in-line non-return valves not only resulted in cost savings but also contributed to a more environmentally friendly and resilient flood protection system.


Largest WaStop’s at the Time

The successful installation of three 1400mm WaStop’s in the Beam River pumping station and three 1000mm WaStop’s at Gores Brook marked a significant achievement. These were the largest WaStop’s made at the time of the project, highlighting ACE’s capability to innovate and adapt to project-specific requirements.


Acknowledgement and Thanks

ACE expressed gratitude to Halcrow, Interserve, and the Environment Agency for the opportunity and commended their professional scheme management throughout the project. This acknowledgment reflected the collaborative success and effective coordination among all stakeholders involved in the flood alleviation initiative.

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