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Weedscreen Cleaners

Weedscreen cleaner
Landy Back rake
Weedscreen Cleaner

Weedscreen cleaners


  • Weedscreen cleaners maintain intake with minimal interaction
  • Fully automatic and efficient screen clearing
  • High capacity grab design
  • No manual handling or risk of falling in water
  • Tailor made to suit new or existing intakes


To ensure reliable and continuous discharge through pumping stations, intakes are often fitted with screens to prevent trash and weed entering the pumps, however this poses an issue with clogging if not regularly maintained. In some cases, this can be unworkable using manual methods, meaning either heavy labour requirements or unreliable operation.


ACE supply and install a range of Automatic Weedscreen Cleaners, manufactured in the Netherlands by Landustrie BV, to automatically detect when screens become obstructed and clear the screen of debris without any human input. The Weedscreen cleaners can be fitted to existing screens, and can be manufactured to negotiate curves, or programmed to avoid obstructions such as concrete piers.




The weedscreen cleaners usually consist of an overhead monorail, with a self-driven trolley that moves the length of the rail, lowering an automatic grab at set points to securely grip and lift debris, allowing it to be transported to a skip for easy disposal. The weedscreen cleaner grab on a Landustrie machine has a uniquely balanced design to ensure that even large debris can be securely gripped, without the grab rolling out of the screen.


As the trolley traverses the overhead rail, a built in counter system ensures that the screen is efficiently cleared, as the Weedscreen cleaner grab is stopped at set points to ensure the entire screen is cleared. Once the cycle is complete, the cleaner returns to a rest position, ready for action when required.


Landustrie weedscreen cleaners are built with an integral maintenance platform and removable inspection covers, and can be configured to run at timed intervals, or where water levels on each side of the screen indicate an obstruction. Each machine is designed specifically for the required site, and ACE provide full survey and advice on best location, as well as the ability to tailor make the weedscreen cleaner to negotiate curves and obstructions.


Landy Back rake

Landy back-raking machines


As well as the typical overhead weedscreen cleaner, ACE also offer the Landy Back-raking machine, usually for smaller intakes. The Landy, also manufactured by Landustrie, has a built-in trash screen, and lifts the debris up the screen and over the top of the back-raking machine, into a hopper. Using a chain driven conveyor system, the Landy has a series of tynes which protrude through the screen, lifting debris in a smooth movement. The Landy is a single, self-contained machine, which can be quickly and easily installed and connected to power to keep site costs to an absolute minimum.


For more information on the application of Landustrie weedscreen cleaners, please contact us or see our recent projects.



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