Weedscreen Cleaner

Swanage Weedscreen Cleaner Installation

The Brief

The Swan Relief Channel in Swanage, Dorset, housed an outdated trash screen that required regular manual cleaning. Facing the challenges of manual labour, health and safety risks, and potential flooding due to inefficient debris management, NMCN sought an automated solution. ACE was approached to supply and install an automated weedscreen cleaner to replace the old trash screen.

The Solution

Automated Weedscreen Cleaner Integration: ACE collaborated with NMCN to replace the outdated trash screen with an automated weedscreen cleaner from their partners, Landustrie. The new cleaner, operating on a straight track, featured a grab trolley deployed automatically based on timed operations or water level indications. The unique grab design ensured optimum capacity, preventing roll-over when handling heavy objects and maximizing each debris collection.

Collaborative Installation Approach: The installation process was a collaborative effort, with NMCN removing the old trash screen in preparation for ACE to install the new weedscreen cleaner. ACE leveraged its wealth of knowledge from similar projects to ensure a seamless installation. NMCN took charge of all electrical engineering and civil works on-site, highlighting a collaborative approach between the client and ACE.

Resource Redistribution and Flood Preparedness: The automated weedscreen cleaner not only eliminated the need for manual labour to clear screens but also reduced health and safety risks associated with manual handling. Moreover, during flood events, the automated system allowed for efficient resource redirection, ensuring the relief channel remained clear from debris and blockages.

The Result

Efficient Debris Management: The completed project successfully eliminated the need for manual raking, ensuring the Swan Relief Channel remains free from debris and blockages. The automated weedscreen cleaner efficiently manages debris, maintaining optimal efficiency and reducing the risk of flooding in Swanage.

Resource Optimization: With the automated system in place, NMCN can now redistribute resources that would have been dedicated to manual cleaning. This optimization allows for more efficient use of labour and resources, contributing to overall project cost-effectiveness.



Seamless Installation

The collaborative efforts between ACE and NMCN ensured a seamless installation process. ACE’s expertise in similar projects, coupled with NMCN’s active involvement, showcased effective teamwork and successful project execution.


Enhanced Operational Efficiency

The automated weedscreen cleaner’s unique grab design and operational features, preventing roll-over and maximising capacity, contributed to enhanced operational efficiency. The system’s ability to deploy based on timed operations or water level indications demonstrated adaptability to varying conditions.


Flood Preparedness

The project not only addressed the immediate challenge of debris management but also enhanced flood preparedness. The automated system’s capabilities allowed for efficient resource redirection during flood events, contributing to the overall resilience of the Swan Relief Channel in the face of potential flooding.

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