Tilting Weirs

Tilting weirs


  • Quick and Easy to install
  • Lightweight yet robust
  • Ultimate variation of weir level
  • Virtually maintenance-free


ACE Tilting weirs offer ultimate variability and precision in water level management. Therefore, making them ideal either for manual or automated applications. Commonly used in conservation areas, land drainage and large river systems. ACE tilting weirs have a wide range of applications, all with safety and ease of operation. Similarly, low requirement for maintenance is part of their core design. The weirs operate by adjusting a weir plate between vertical and horizontal, allowing any position in between to be maintained, and debris such as branches and weed to float straight over.


The tilting weirs are manufactured in HDPE and Stainless Steel 316L. Therefore, making them lightweight for ease of handling and installation, without compromising strength. In addition to this, ACE offer a beamless version for watercourses that are used by canoes or a lot of floating debris.

All ACE tilting weirs are quick and easy to fit, using resin anchors and self-adhesive seals to attach them to the supporting structures. Meaning they can be ready for commissioning in a matter of hours. Although easy to fit, as with all ACE equipment, ACE offer a full installation service. Therefore, please contact us for more details. A short video to demonstrate the installation is below, or at https://youtu.be/GIqrljriJAA, and full installation instructions are available in our document section.


Common uses:


  • Land drainage ditches for irrigation
  • Wetlands for maintaining marsh conditions
  • River level control
  • Discharge of flood waters


ACE tilting weirs can be automated, either using a custom-built control system, or with a CB Greenbox. For more information, please see automation or contact us to discuss your requirements.



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