Top Up Sluice

Top Up Sluice

The Top Up Sluice is an automated intake structure that maintains water levels without electricity, regardless of upstream conditions.

Automated Intake Structure

The Top Up Sluice is a fully automated intake structure that ensures the lower level water is kept at the required height.

No Electricity Required

It operates without electricity, offering an energy-efficient solution for maintaining water levels.

Two-Chamber System

The sluice incorporates a float chamber, which operates the downstream water level, and a flow chamber, which holds a valve isolating the feed and carrier levels.

About Top Up Sluice

The Top Up Sluice can be used as a fully automated intake structure that will ensure the lower level is kept at the required height. The unit incorporates two chambers; a float chamber which holds a float operating the downstream (carrier) water level and a flow chamber holding a valve which isolates the feed and carrier levels.

When the carrier level drops, this opens the valve in the flow chamber to allow water into the carrier, in effect topping up the level. When the carrier level is reached, the valve closes, stopping the flow from the feed level. This system allows the lower level to be maintained without electricity, regardless of the water height on the upstream side.

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Why Choose Top Up Sluice


Efficient Water Level Management

The Top Up Sluice offers a convenient way to maintain water levels, making it ideal for applications such as irrigation systems, flood control, and water supply.


Energy Efficiency

Its ability to operate without electricity makes it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for managing water levels.



Regardless of upstream conditions, the Top Up Slicue ensures that the lower level is maintained, demonstrating its adaptability to varying environments.


Automated Operation

Its automated operation reduces manual labor and allows for more precise control over water levels.

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Top Up Sluice Brochures & Data Sheets

Frequently Asked Questions

A top up sluice is a solution used for regulating downstream water levels.  It uses a float attached to a valve to automatically top up the downstream water levels when it drops but prevent the downstream level going above the desired height.

Any situation the downstream body of water e.g reservoir, ponds, wading bird areas need to be held at a constant level. And where a higher level of a different water course is available to use for top up.

Yes, you can adjust the levels by simply using a spanner.

Yes, no human interaction is needed for the top up sluice.

No. The top up sluice is completely automated without power.

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    More About Top Up Sluice

    Elevate your water control strategies with the versatile and efficient Top-Up Sluice, designed to serve as a fully automated intake structure that effortlessly maintains the lower level at the required height. This ingenious unit features two essential chambers, each playing a pivotal role in its seamless operation.

    The first chamber is the float chamber, housing a float that operates the downstream (carrier) water level. Simultaneously, the flow chamber accommodates a valve responsible for isolating the feed and carrier levels. The harmonious interaction between these chambers forms the core mechanism of the Top-Up Sluice, ensuring precise water level management. Operating with remarkable efficiency, the Top-Up Sluice comes into action when the carrier level drops. This triggers the opening of the valve in the flow chamber, allowing water to flow into the carrier and effectively topping up the water level. Once the carrier level is reached, the valve promptly closes, halting the flow from the feed level. This automated system ensures the continuous maintenance of the lower level without relying on electricity, providing a reliable solution regardless of the water height on the upstream side.

    Choose the Top-Up Sluice to experience a sophisticated and energy-efficient water control solution. Its innovative design allows for hands-free, precise water level management, making it an ideal choice for a variety of applications where maintaining optimal water levels is critical. Trust in the efficiency of the Top-Up Sluice for a dependable and eco-friendly water control solution.