• Lightweight yet very robust
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Instant, low-leakage seal


ACE stoplogs provide a simple yet instantly effective barrier to a watercourse, making them ideal for isolation of fixed plant for maintenance, or more long-term use as a fixed weir. Using lightweight materials such as aluminium, ACE stoplogs are designed to be easy to handle and deploy, without compromising safety or durability.


ACE offer a number of stoplog solutions:

  • Low-cost aluminium stoplog assemblies for small applications
  • Stoplog assembly, fitted to HDPE chamber for quick installation
  • Larger Aluminium stoplog assemblies, width up to 7m, height up to 5m
  • Adjustable Stoplogs- For multiple sites, a telescoping stoplog to allow adjustment


The majority of ACE stoplogs are manufactured in marine grade Aluminium, fitting into Stainless Steel 316 frames with integral seals, making them ideal for either quickly deployed temporary barriers, or long term penning of a watercourse. Other materials such as Stainless Steel, coated steel and composites, and bespoke designs are available on request- please contact us if you would like to discuss your requirements.


All our stoplogs are designed to be easy to handle, deploy and easily retrieved once submerged, with a range of lifting equipment available to suit your needs. This includes telescopic lifting poles for manual lifting or lifting beams that automatically engage under the water to lift the logs away. They are also very easy to install- please see the short video overview below or click here for more details.


If you require more accurate level control, please refer to our tilting weir range.

Stoplog installation overview

Bespoke designs

As well as the aluminium range of stoplogs, ACE can design and supply custom stoplog equipment, including automatic lifting beams. If you have an application which needs something particularly large, items such as flap valves built-in, or stoplogs with adjustable width, ACE are happy to help. ACE work with different suppliers depending on your requirements, drawing on their specific expertise to assist with the design and manufacture of tailor-made equipment.


For more information on any of our stoplog equipment, please contact us.




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