iCair Stoplogs

The Brief

Sheffield University, with funding from the EU and the UK’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, aimed to establish the National Distributed Water Infrastructure Facility. This state-of-the-art laboratory would facilitate pipe testing in a vast 45m long, 6m wide, and 5m deep concrete tank. The challenge was to create a versatile and divided space within the tank to conduct multiple experiments simultaneously.

The Solution

Multi-Partitioned Tank Design: To meet the requirement of conducting various experiments concurrently, ACE devised a solution involving multiple stoplogs, rebates, and a movable infrastructure. The tank could be divided into two working areas of 45m long x 3m wide x 5m deep, enabling independent experimentation on either side.

Structural Integrity and Leakage Control: The need for a 15l/sec allowable leakage rate per set of stoplogs posed a significant challenge. Vertical beams and supports were designed to hold a row of 6.2m wide and 5m high stoplogs in place. Options and decisions were quantified through matrices, and 3D models were utilized for effective design communication.

Materials and Coating: The stoplog solution was manufactured in mild steel with three layers of Sigma coating for robust material conservation. Stainless steel guides, cast into the concrete tank, ensured durability. The sealing faces were machined with precision, and EPDM sealing systems were applied to meet stringent leakage rate requirements.

The Result

Versatile Testing Environment: The implementation of the stoplog solution successfully divided the tank into two functional working areas, allowing Sheffield University to conduct multiple experiments concurrently. The design met the specified leakage rate criteria, ensuring a controlled testing environment.



Unique and Successful Project Delivery

ACE successfully delivered a unique and exciting project that met the complex requirements of Sheffield University. The ability to create a divided testing space within the large tank showcased ACE’s innovation and engineering capabilities. The collaboration with partners Jansen Venneboer SPIE ensured quality design, engineering, and manufacturing.


Gratitude to Stakeholders

ACE expressed gratitude to Sheffield University and JF Finnegan for the opportunity to contribute to this groundbreaking project. Partners Jansen Venneboer SPIE were acknowledged for their quality collaboration throughout the project’s lifecycle.

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