Sluice Gates

Sluice Gates

A sluice gate is a type of valve for controlling water or sewerage. Sluice Gates are, in essence, a sliding door that can be operated by hand or by means of an actuator. After that, the sluice gate door raises to open and allow the passage of water and lowers to isolate the flow.

Enhanced Resilience

Our Sluice Gates can be designed with a variety of drive options to ensure enhanced resilience when required

Low Maintenance

With no metal on metal moving parts there is virtually no chance of our sluice gates seizing, meaning the sluice gates require practically no maintenance

Automated Operation

Our penstock range is compatible with all actuator systems. Meaning our penstocks can be setup to be operated autonomously depending on the criteria

About Penstocks

A penstock is controlled by a mechanically operated spindle. The spindle can be operated automatically through the use of an actuator. This could be activated once specific set levels are reached. Therefore, removing the need for any human interaction. Penstocks also seal a pipe on all 4 sides. However, this is something that stoplogs are unable to do.

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Why Choose Sluice Gates


Efficient Flow Control

The raising and lowering mechanism of sluice gates allows for precise control of water passage, enhancing operational efficiency


Automation Benefits

The automatic operation of sluice gates reduces the need for constant manual monitoring, saving time a labour costs


Effective Control

Sluice gates give a great level of control to maintain the downstream water levels. Whether to pen large amounts of water or release in large volumes when needed



Sluice gates are designed to operate as the site requires. There are multiple configurations that can be set up with numerous operation methods

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Sluice Gates Brochures & Data Sheets

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Our range of sluice gates is designed specifically to suit the requirements of each individual site.

Yes. We have a team of highly trained experts with years of experience of working within the industry. For large installation projects we also work with our network of expert partners, such as divers to aid in the installation process.

Our sluice gates are manufactured in mild steel with a 3 layer marine grade coating system. This makes our sluice extremely durable and suitable for all marine environments.

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    More About Sluice Gates

    In water flow control, the term “sluice gate” holds significant importance. Essentially, a sluice gate acts as a pivotal mechanism in managing water levels and flow rates within various water systems, including rivers, canals, and wastewater treatment plants. At its core, the sluice gate functions as a valve, regulating the movement of fluids in a unidirectional manner, thereby exerting control over the flow dynamics.

    Sluice gates come in diverse forms, tailored to suit specific operational requirements across different industries. Among the array of variants, the vertical rising sluice gate valve stands out as the most prevalent. This type of gate features a mechanism where the gate ascends to permit fluid passage beneath it and descends to obstruct the flow when necessary.

    A distinctive subtype known as the weir gate exists within the scope of sluice gates. Unlike conventional sluice gates, weir gates possess a characteristic that allows water to overflow the gate when it is in a closed position. This trait facilitates the management of water levels with enhanced precision and adaptability.

    The structural configuration of sluice gates encompasses a spectrum of shapes and sizes to accommodate diverse operational contexts. These gates may manifest in round, square, or rectangular forms, each tailored to optimise performance based on specific hydraulic requirements. Such versatility in design ensures that sluice gates can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of infrastructural settings, ranging from urban water management systems to industrial wastewater treatment facilities.

    Sluice gates serve as indispensable assets for water flow control, offering a means to regulate water levels and flow rates with precision and efficacy. Through their versatile designs and robust functionalities, these gates epitomise the convergence of engineering ingenuity and environmental stewardship, embodying a crucial element in the sustainable management of water resources.