Heavy Engineering Sluice Gates

Faughan Weir Heavy Engineering Sluice Gates

The Brief

Faughan Weir, originally built in the late 1950s, needed a comprehensive inspection and upgrade to address issues with gate wheels, sticking gates, and overall asset condition. Graham Construction Ltd commissioned Aquatic Control Engineering (ACE) to conduct an inspection, provide a detailed report, and propose solutions for enhancing the resilience and reliability of the weir.

The Solution

Detailed Inspection and Analysis: ACE commenced with a thorough inspection of the weir gates, drive system, and walkway. Video recorded dive inspections and examination by experienced engineers revealed that while the civil works were generally sound, the gates and walkway were at the end of their serviceable life.

Innovative Drive System Redesign: To address issues with gate wheels and sticking, ACE proposed a novel solution. The existing wheels were replaced with polymer sliding blocks, eliminating the maintenance challenges associated with underwater wheels. The drive system was redesigned using a “ladder” rack and pinion system, offering improved gate movement without the risk of crabbing.

Pre-Assembled Walkway and Drive System: To minimize on-site time and enhance efficiency, ACE suggested delivering the new walkway and drive system pre-assembled. This approach streamlined the installation process, ensuring that each gate’s full walkway and drive system could be lifted in a single operation.

The Result

Enhanced Resilience and Reliability: The implementation of polymer sliding blocks and the “ladder” rack and pinion system significantly improved the resilience and reliability of Faughan Weir. The new design addressed issues with gate wheels, reduced the risk of crabbing, and facilitated smoother gate operations.

Reduced Maintenance Requirements: The innovative solution not only enhanced performance but also minimized maintenance requirements. The polymer sliding blocks and redesigned drive system reduced the need for frequent inspections and adjustments, contributing to long-term cost savings.



Comprehensive Project Execution

ACE, in collaboration with partners Jansen Venneboer SPIE, executed a comprehensive project encompassing mechanical inspection, optioneering, design and engineering, fabrication, and installation. The successful completion of this multifaceted project showcased ACE’s capabilities in delivering effective and innovative solutions to enhance critical water infrastructure.


Asset Improvement and Reliability

The Faughan Weir project stands as an achievement in improving the resilience and reliability of a crucial water management asset. ACE’s expertise and innovative approach have contributed to the longevity and reduced maintenance needs of the weir, benefitting both the client and the local water authority.

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