Compact Solar Control

Compact Solar Control

The Compact Solar Control (CSC) is in essence an intelligent solar powered actuator. Ideal for situations where there is no mains electricity. The CSC allows you to autonomously operate any of our products up to 150Nm.

Intelligent Solar Power

The Compact Solar Control (CSC) is an intelligent solar-powered actuator, ideal for situations where there’s no mains electricity.

Broad Compatibility

The CSC can autonomously operate any product up to 150Nm, showcasing its versatility and wide-ranging application.

Easy Installation & Low Maintenance

The CSC can be easily installed and retrofitted on any existing product, offering a low maintenance solution.

About Compact Solar Control

The CSC fully communicates with various main SCADA systems. Various substations are possible, including UDSO (standard) and LMX400. Installation of the CSC is extremely easy, and it can be retro fitted on any existing product to offer a low maintenance solution. The standard 7” touchscreen means the CSC commissioned on site and has a user friendly operation.

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Why Choose Compact Solar Control


Energy Efficiency

By harnessing solar power, the CSC provides an energy-efficient solution, reducing reliance on traditional electricity sources.



Its ability to operate any product up to 150Nm makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from small devices to larger machinery.


Ease Of Use

With a standard 7” touchscreen, the CSC offers a user-friendly operation, simplifying the process for users.


Integration With Scada Systems

The CSC can fully communicate with various main SCADA systems, allowing for streamlined data management and system control.

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Compact Solar Control Brochures & Data Sheets

Frequently Asked Questions

The CSC allows you to automate water level management equipment especially where there is no mains electricity.

No. The CSC has its own energy supply powered entirely by solar power.

Yes. The CSC can easily be installed on any existing product. Commissioning is done on site and has a user-friendly operation.

Yes. The CSC communicates with most main SCADA systems.

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    More About Compact Solar Control

    The Compact Solar Control (CSC) is an ingenious solar-powered actuator designed for optimal functionality, especially in locations without access to mains electricity. This intelligent device is the ideal solution for autonomous operation of various products, offering unparalleled flexibility with a torque capacity of up to 150Nm.

    The CSC allows seamless communication with diverse main SCADA systems, ensuring compatibility with various substations such as UDSO (standard) and LMX400. This versatility ensures that the CSC seamlessly integrates into your existing infrastructure, providing an efficient solution for a range of applications.

    Installation of the Compact Solar Control is simple, offering unparalleled ease even for retrofitting onto existing products. This adaptability contributes to a low-maintenance solution that aligns with your evolving needs. The standard 7-inch touchscreen further enhances the user-friendly nature of the CSC, allowing on-site commissioning for effortless operation.

    As a compact solar control solution, the CSC not only provides an eco-friendly alternative but also enhances overall system autonomy. Its solar-powered capabilities make it an ideal choice for remote locations or areas where access to mains electricity is a challenge. Embrace the future of intelligent and sustainable control systems with the Compact Solar Control, where innovation meets efficiency, offering a dependable solution for various applications.