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Fish Friendly Pumps

Fish Friendly Pumps


  • World renowned manufacture
  • Unrivalled performance- over 80% efficient
  • Virtually 100% fish and eel friendly
  • Fully customised for optimal performance


ACE are proud to work alongside Fairbanks Pentair Nijhuis, as their sole UK supplier of fish friendly pump equipment, designed in conjunction with Fish Flow Innovations. Fairbanks Pentair Nijhuis are a world renowned pump manufacturer, with prestigious pump installations throughout the globe, and facilities that ensure the very best design, manufacture and after sales service.


Fairbanks Pentair Nijhuis have developed a fish friendly impeller design, in conjunction with FishFlow Innovations, which ensures fish can enter and exit the pump system without damage. The impeller design has a unique leading edge which ensures fish are not struck on entering the pump, and incorporates vanes to guide them unharmed through the system. Independent testing demonstrated that over 97% of fish and 100% eel sampled passed through the pump with no harm.


The impeller design however also allows it to have vastly improved efficiency, used with variable speed drives to ensure optimal efficiency and low running speeds, so as well as improving passage for fish, noise, vibration and maintenance requirements are also reduced.


Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis have an expert team of in house design engineers, who provide optimised designs to suit your needs- various types are available, however we can also customise these designs if you have special requirements:


  • Vertical Shaft pumps
  • Submersible canister pumps
  • Horizontal pumps
  • Concrete volute pumps


During design, ACE and Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis are on hand to offer design advice, considering operation and maintenance, inspection, installation and value for money. All designs can be customised to suit site layout, and where required, we can provide lifting systems that allow pumps to be maintained with minimal effort and hassle. Design is carried out using 3D modelling software, which as well as providing an excellent, accurate visual representation of the finished product, it also allows flow modelling, on-screen testing and efficiency analysis to be carried out.


Fairbanks Pentair Nijhuis also have a fully equipped factory in the Netherlands, which includes a spares-dedicated foundry to ensure speedy repair should damage occur- patterns for all impellers supplied are kept in stock to ensure pumping down time is kept to an absolute minimum.


For more details on our recent projects, please see our case studies, or contact us for more details.



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