Weedscreen Cleaner

Islington Pumping Station Weedscreen Cleaners

The Brief

The Islington Pumping Station, a critical flood protection system for 1,500 homes and 500 businesses, required an effective solution for debris removal to prevent damage to the pumps. The water, collected from a network of dykes and channels, needed efficient screening to avoid blockages and maintain optimal operation. The challenge included integrating a robust automated screen cleaner into the building’s structure while ensuring a sleek and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The Solution

Tailored Automated Screen Cleaner: Aquatic Control Engineering Ltd (ACE) supplied a bespoke automated weedscreen cleaner designed specifically for the demands of Islington Pumping Station. The heavy-duty machine, capable of lifting a one-tonne payload with a 2-metre-wide grab, was selected to match the pump capacity, flow rates, velocities, and expected debris types at the station. Integration into the building’s structure was achieved without the need for columns or vertical posts, preserving the station’s sleek appearance.

Innovative Monorail Design: ACE’s solution utilised an innovative monorail design for the grab, eliminating the need for additional structural elements. The monorail was attached to and supported by the roof structure of the building. This approach, facilitated by Building Information Modelling (BIM) modelling, seamlessly incorporated the gantry into the roof structure, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Operational Efficiency: The automated weedscreen cleaner was strategically integrated into the station’s structure. Operating based on water level differentials across the screen, the machine automatically initiated debris removal when a level difference on either side of the screen was detected. This ensured optimal efficiency by preventing blockages and maintaining clear screens, allowing unimpeded water flow into the pumps and towards the sea.

The Result

Enhanced Flood Protection: The installation of the bespoke automated weedscreen cleaner significantly enhanced the flood protection capabilities of the Islington Pumping Station. The efficient removal of debris and maintenance of clear screens ensured the smooth operation of the pumping station, safeguarding the surrounding homes and businesses from potential flooding.

Sleek Aesthetic Integration: ACE’s innovative monorail design, integrated into the building’s roof structure, contributed to a sleek and aesthetically pleasing appearance. The absence of visible columns or vertical posts preserved the architectural integrity of the pumping station while ensuring the functionality of the weedscreen cleaner.



Tailored Engineering Excellence

The tailored design of the automated weedscreen cleaner, addressing the specific challenges and requirements of Islington Pumping Station, showcased ACE’s commitment to engineering excellence. The heavy-duty machine’s capacity, integrated monorail, and operational efficiency demonstrated a bespoke solution for optimal performance.


Aesthetic and Functional Harmony

The successful integration of the automated weedscreen cleaner into the building’s structure demonstrated a harmonious balance between aesthetics and functionality. ACE’s innovative approach, utilizing BIM modelling for seamless gantry integration, contributed to the station’s overall aesthetic appeal while ensuring operational effectiveness.


Efficient Debris Management

The operational efficiency of the weedscreen cleaner, responding to water level differentials and automating the debris removal process, exemplified an efficient solution for maintaining clear screens. This capability played a crucial role in preventing potential pump damage, ensuring the continuous reliability of the Islington Pumping Station.

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