Weedscreen Cleaner

Crossens Pumping Station Weedscreen Cleaners

The Brief

The weedscreen cleaners at Crossens Pumping Station, the second largest land drainage pumping station in the UK, had reached the end of their economic life. ACE was enlisted to provide replacement cleaners as part of the major refurbishment of the pumping station. The objective was to enhance efficiency, reliability, and capacity for clearing debris, ensuring optimal operation of the station, and minimising the risk of flooding.

The Solution

Landustrie Weed Screen Cleaners Selection: ACE, working with Volker Stevin, opted for Landustrie Weed Screen cleaners as replacements. These cleaners were chosen for their proven reliability and substantial capacity for clearing debris. The selection aligned with the major refurbishment goal to improve the overall efficiency of the Crossens Pumping Station.

Automated Cleaning System: The Landustrie Weed Screen cleaners were strategically chosen to prevent blockages to pumping station intakes, enabling pumps to operate at optimal efficiency. The automated cleaning system eliminated the need for manual labour in clearing screens, mitigated health and safety risks associated with manual handling, and allowed for unmanned operation during flood events. This automation provided a resource-efficient solution, redirecting manpower to critical tasks during flood events.

Innovative Grab Design: The Landustrie Weed Screen cleaners ran on a combination of straight and curved tracks. The grab-trolley deployed automatically based on timed operations or water level indications of screen obstructions. The unique design of the grab ensured optimum capacity, preventing roll-over when handling heavy objects. This feature maximised the efficiency of every debris collection, utilizing the full capacity of the grab.

The Result

Enhanced Pumping Station Efficiency: The installation of Landustrie Weed Screen cleaners contributed to a significant improvement in the efficiency of Crossens Pumping Station. The automated cleaning system ensured the prevention of blockages, allowing pumps to run optimally, and substantially reducing the risk of flooding in the surrounding area.

Labor and Safety Benefits: The automation of the cleaning process not only enhanced operational efficiency but also brought about labour and safety benefits. Manual labour for screen clearance was eliminated, reducing health and safety risks associated with such tasks. The unmanned operation capability during flood events further showcased the resource-efficient and risk-mitigating aspects of the Landustrie Weed Screen cleaners.



Successful Installation and Commissioning

ACE provided a comprehensive service, encompassing installation and commissioning, contributing to the successful implementation of the Landustrie Weed Screen cleaners at Crossens Pumping Station. The collaboration with Volker Stevin, working for the Environment Agency, showcased effective teamwork in achieving project goals.


Optimized Debris Collection

The innovative grab design of the Landustrie Weed Screen cleaners ensured optimal debris collection capacity, preventing roll-over during heavy object handling. This design feature showcased ACE’s attention to detail and commitment to maximizing the efficiency of the chosen solution.


Acknowledgment and Gratitude

ACE expressed gratitude to all parties involved in the project, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and assistance. The successful execution of the project highlighted the collective efforts in achieving the goals of improving efficiency and reliability at Crossens Pumping Station.

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