Coleshill Road WaStop

The Brief

Fazeley, Warwickshire, faced a significant risk of flooding, notably highlighted in the 2007 event that affected 150 properties and Coleshill Road. With recent property development increasing the number of at-risk properties to 216, addressing the backflow from sewers during heavy rainfall became crucial. The traditional method involving major civil engineering projects, such as installing Penstocks or Flap Valves, was impractical due to physical constraints at many locations.

The Solution

WaStop In-line Check Valve Implementation: Recognising the constraints and challenges posed by the site, ACE proposed the use of WaStop In-line Check valves as a reliable flood protection solution. In total, 11 WaStop Non-Return Valves of varying sizes were strategically installed directly into sewer pipes at critical points. This innovative approach eliminated the need for major civil engineering works, such as casting headwalls, making it well-suited for sites with physical limitations.

Efficient Installation: Unlike traditional methods that would have required extensive time and resources, ACE’s installation of the 11 WaStop valves took only 1.5 days. This swift installation, accomplished by the ACE Installation Team, was a significant improvement over the estimated time for conventional flap valve installations. Some valves required minor adjustments for excess concrete, and new access chambers were constructed by Jackson Civil Engineering to accommodate the valves. The reduced installation time contributed to the overall reliability and cost-effectiveness of the solution.

The Result

Effective Flood Protection: The implementation of WaStop Non-Return Valves proved highly effective in preventing stormwater backflow into homes during heavy rainfall. The solution addressed the specific challenges of the site, mitigating the risk of flooding and enhancing the overall resilience of the Coleshill Road area against future flood events.

Streamlined Installation Process: The comparatively low installation time, achieved within 1.5 days, showcased the efficiency of the WaStop solution. This quick deployment not only minimised disruption to the area but also underscored the adaptability of the WaStop In-line Check Valve in overcoming physical constraints at multiple locations.



Innovative Engineering for Constraints

The successful application of WaStop In-line Check valves demonstrated ACE’s ability to provide innovative engineering solutions tailored to the unique constraints of the Coleshill Road site. The avoidance of traditional headwall casting showcased ACE’s adaptability in addressing challenging physical limitations.


Reliable and Cost-Effective Solution

The project’s completion within a tight timeframe highlighted the reliability and cost-effectiveness of the WaStop solution. The efficiency in installation, coupled with minimal civil engineering requirements, contributed to the overall success of the flood protection measures.


Acknowledged Expertise

The positive feedback from Jackson Civil Engineering, praising the level of knowledge and experience of the ACE staff, underscored the collaborative success of the project. The acknowledgment of ACE’s expertise further solidified their position as a reliable sub-contractor in flood protection projects.

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