3 Mills WaStop

The Brief

The existing outfall infrastructure at the 3 Mills Studio Site, managed by VolkerStevin, lacked flood protection due to the absence of a non-return valve on the 1200mm pipe leading to the tidal river Thames. The initial proposal to install a flap valve was hindered by the challenging location of the existing headwall, requiring complex civil works and posing logistical challenges. The site’s limited access and short working windows further compounded the difficulties.

The Solution

Consultation and Evaluation: ACE, engaged by VolkerStevin, conducted an in-depth site survey and consultation to explore viable flood protection solutions. Recognising the impracticality of a flap valve installation, the team identified that a WaStop offered a more efficient alternative. The WaStop’s innovative design allowed it to seamlessly integrate into the existing infrastructure, eliminating the need for extensive civil works and significantly reducing project costs.

Logistics and Installation: Due to the challenging site access, a large crane was employed to lower the 1200mm WaStop and a small excavator to the river bed. This equipment facilitated the precise installation of the WaStop, ensuring its proper positioning to prevent tidal ingress. The streamlined installation process was crucial in overcoming the site’s complexities.

The Result

Effective Flood Protection: The successful implementation of the WaStop resolved the vulnerability of the 1200mm pipe to tidal ingress, providing the much-needed flood protection. The project’s outcome showcased the adaptability and reliability of the chosen solution in mitigating potential risks associated with the tidal river Thames.

Cost Efficiency: By opting for the WaStop, the project achieved significant cost savings compared to the initially proposed flap valve installation. The elimination of extensive civil works and the minimal maintenance requirements of the WaStop contributed to the overall financial efficiency of the project.



Collaborative Coordination

The project’s success hinged on effective collaboration between ACE, VolkerStevin, and the client, LLDC. Seamless coordination ensured that challenges related to site access, installation logistics, and infrastructure integration were addressed efficiently.


Innovative Product Design

The WaStop’s ingenious design played a pivotal role in the project’s success. Its ability to fit seamlessly into the existing infrastructure showcased the importance of tailored solutions in overcoming site-specific challenges.


Operational Excellence

The ACE Operations Team’s extensive experience and expertise were instrumental in navigating the complexities of the 3 Mills Studio Site. Their efficient project management and execution underscored the importance of a skilled and knowledgeable team in delivering successful flood protection solutions.

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