Langford Lowfields Double Leaf Penstocks

The Brief

The Langford Lowfields project addressed challenges associated with existing precast concrete structures utilizing wooden stoplogs for water level control. RSPB faced difficulties in removing swollen stoplogs, leading to inefficient and time-consuming adjustments. ACE was tasked with devising an adjustable solution that could facilitate easier control, akin to a hand wheel-operated tilting weir.

The Solution

Innovative Penstock Solution:

ACE proposed the installation of 3no. AQUIKO 700mm Penstocks and 3no. AQUIKO Double Leaf Penstocks with a channel width of 1.2m and a depth of 1.2m. The full installation included the incorporation of a temporary dam. The decision to opt for the Double Leaf Penstocks was driven by spatial constraints, as there wasn’t enough room for a tilting weir to operate effectively. The compact design of the double leaf penstocks addressed this limitation.

Functionality and Water Flow Control:

While water typically weirs over the double leaf penstock, it serves a critical function during high river Trent levels. The penstock prevents water from flowing back when the downstream level surpasses the upstream level, offering essential flood protection.

Collaboration with Subcontractor:

ACE collaborated with a subcontractor who employed dry dams to set the structures dry, facilitating efficient installation and adjustments.

The Result

Effective Water Level Maintenance:

With the implementation of the AQUIKO Double Leaf Penstocks, RSPB can now effectively and accurately maintain water levels across the reserve. The adjustable nature of the solution, resembling the ease of a hand wheel, eliminates the challenges associated with swollen stoplogs and streamlines the water level control process.

Flood Protection:

The presence of the penstocks ensures robust flood protection, particularly during periods of elevated river Trent levels. The prevention of water flow back when downstream levels are higher than upstream safeguards the reserve against potential flooding.

The Langford Lowfields Double Leaf Penstocks Project stands as a testament to ACE’s commitment to delivering effective, innovative, and resilient water management solutions for conservation and flood protection purposes.



Innovative Water Control Solution

The Langford Lowfields Double Leaf Penstocks project demonstrates ACE’s ability to provide innovative solutions to water level control challenges. The choice of the AQUIKO penstocks, particularly the double leaf design, reflects adaptability to spatial constraints and ensures efficient operation.


Effective Collaboration and Installation

The collaboration with a subcontractor to set the structures dry with dry dams showcases effective project management and installation strategies. This approach contributed to a seamless implementation process and enhanced operational efficiency.


Enhanced Flood Resilience

The project’s success contributes to the overall flood resilience of Langford Lowfields. The AQUIKO Double Leaf Penstocks, with their adjustable features, provide a reliable and robust solution for maintaining water levels while safeguarding the reserve against potential flooding from the river Trent.

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