Eel Pass

Cloves Bridge Eel Pass

The Brief

In compliance with the Water Framework Directive, the Environment Agency identified the need for eel and elver passage facilities at Cloves Bridge Pumping Station. ACE was tasked with creating a customised solution that accommodated the challenging layout and minimised construction costs.

The Solution

Precise 3D Modelling: ACE leveraged SolidWorks 3D CAD software for accurate modelling of the structure based on survey data. This meticulous approach identified potential obstructions, facilitating the development of a tailored solution. ACE’s modular eel pass equipment was employed, and detailed drawings were provided for consent and production.

Modular Design for Efficiency: The modular design ensured a precise fit, minimising installation time. This approach maintained harmony with the existing structure, preserving access to other plant components and blending aesthetically with the surroundings.

Bespoke Eel Pass: The pass, spanning approximately 25m, featured a covered HDPE channel with brush substrate at the highest point. A splitter box directed water down the pass to attract eels, maintained substrate moisture, and facilitated eel migration through the exit pipe.

Lightweight and Durable Materials: HDPE and Aluminium were strategically used, combining lightweight properties for ease of handling with durability, ensuring longevity even under sunlight exposure.

The Result

Effective Eel and Elver Passage: The bespoke eel pass at Cloves Bridge Pumping Station facilitated effective migration for eels and elvers. The design, tailored to the challenging layout, successfully addressed the passage needs outlined by the Environment Agency.

Minimized Installation Time: The precision achieved through 3D modelling and modular design not only ensured a perfect fit but significantly reduced installation time. This efficiency contributed to timely project completion.

Sympathetic to Surroundings: The design approach not only met functional requirements but also blended harmoniously with the existing structure and natural surroundings. The pass’s cosmetic appearance remained in keeping with the environment.



Tailored Solution Delivery

ACE successfully delivered a customised solution for eel and elver passage at Cloves Bridge, meeting the specific challenges posed by the site’s layout. The modular design and 3D modelling contributed to the tailored success of the project.


Collaborative Success with Kier

ACE’s appointment by Kier to deliver the scheme showcased successful collaboration. The combined efforts of all stakeholders played a crucial role in achieving the project’s objectives.


Environmental Sensitivity

The project demonstrated environmental sensitivity, ensuring that the eel pass not only fulfilled its functional role but also complemented the natural aesthetics of the location. ACE’s commitment to preserving the environment was a notable achievement.

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