Fish Pass

Cookham Fish Pass

The Brief

In 2016, ECS Engineering Services, on behalf of the Environment Agency, approached ACE to supply a structural Aluminium Larinier Fish Pass for a significant project at Cookham Weir. The requirement was to deliver two bespoke Larinier fish passes, with one incorporating a drop-board eel pass. The passes needed to meet exacting specifications and be fabricated from Structural Marine Grade Aluminium.

The Solution

Material Selection: ACE chose Structural Marine Grade Aluminium for the fish passes. This material ensured robustness for the intended duty while maintaining a lightweight quality, enabling modular fabrication for ease of assembly and subsequent installation as a single unit.

Modular Format: The passes were designed in a modular format to facilitate efficient assembly. This approach not only eased the fabrication process but also ensured precision and accuracy during installation. The equipment seamlessly interfaced with a prefabricated sub-structure, emphasizing the importance of precision.

CE Certification: To comply with specifications, ACE provided CE certification for both fish passes. This certification attested to the quality and conformity of the structural components, reinforcing their adherence to industry standards.

The Result

Bespoke Fish Passes: The project resulted in the successful supply and installation of two bespoke Larinier fish passes at Cookham Weir. One of these passes incorporated a drop-board eel pass, catering to the specific requirements outlined by ECS Engineering Services and the Environment Agency.

Interfacing with Sub-Structure: The modular design allowed for seamless interfacing with a prefabricated sub-structure, emphasizing precision during fabrication and installation. This contributed to the overall efficiency of the project.



CE Certified Quality

The provision of CE certification demonstrated ACE’s commitment to delivering high-quality solutions that meet industry standards. The certification affirmed the structural integrity and compliance of the fish passes with specified requirements.


Collaborative Success

ACE expressed gratitude to ECS Engineering for entrusting the fabrication of these fish passes to them. The collaborative effort between ACE and ECS Engineering Services played a pivotal role in the successful execution of the project.


Versatile Fish Passage Solutions

The case study highlighted ACE’s ability to offer a range of fish and eel passage solutions, from traditional types like Larinier to innovative technologies such as the FishFlow Innovations Fish Siphon. The portfolio showcased ACE’s expertise in providing comprehensive services, from advice on pass selection to survey, design, installation, and on-site services.

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