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Archimedean Drum Screen

The Archimedean drum screen is a new innovative fish friendly solution to screening at water abstraction sites. The screen consists of an Archimedean screw encased by a fine screen. The Archimedean screw rotates drawing in water. Water passes through the screen and into the abstraction site. Weed debris and fish cannot pass through the screen and continue through the Archimedean screw and exit through the outlet. It is possible to attach a pipe to the outlet of the drum screen to deposit the undamaged fish, debris and weed away from the abstraction site.

The Archimedean drum screen housing is made from a floating composite material, the Archimedean drum screen is secured by piles in a similar fashion to a floating dock. Allowing the drum screen to float is advantageous as it will move with the water level to allow the highest efficiency. The Archimedean drum screen requires very little maintenance due to the robust design and corrosion resistant materials used, along with the advantage of the rotating drum screen being self-cleansing.