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Bells & Mocketts Pumping Station

Bells and Mocketts is a newly built pumping station on the Isle of Sheppey, an island in the Medway estuary.


The new pumping station which can lift 3.5 cubic metres of water per second, required a highly efficient fish-friendly solution.


ACE delivered and installed two Archimedean Screw pumps with a diameter of 2.5 metres and over 10 metres in length. Manufactured using high tech/innovative materials such as Vinyl Ester Composite, the screws are enclosed which ensures that every drop of water is pushed to the top, eliminating the age-old problem of run back.


The Archimedean Screw pump is designed with a curved leading edge which glides smoothly into the water, reducing turbulence and subsequently guiding the fish gently. Due to the rotating outer drum, all pinch points which can also damage fish have also been removed. The whole system can also operate at very low speeds, in this case, 11.2 RPM – 23.3 RPM because it does not need to compensate for run back.


These three changes in screw pump design ensure that it is without a doubt the most fish-friendly pump available.


Aquatic Control Engineering would like to thank the Lower Medway Internal Drainage Board for their assistance with this project.


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