Side Hung Doors

Cockerbridge Side Hung Doors

The Brief

Aquatic Control Engineering Ltd (ACE) undertook the replacement of two top-hung flap valves at a coastal location in the Northwest of England with a focus on enhancing flood protection, drainage efficiency, and eel passage. The existing valves needed upgrading to safeguard arable farmland from flooding during high tide events.

The Solution

AQUIKO Stainless Steel Side-Hung Doors: ACE implemented a comprehensive solution by installing two sets of two 3m wide AQUIKO stainless steel side-hung doors. Positioned on the downstream side of a culvert under a flood defence scheme, these non-return valves were designed to facilitate drainage to the sea during low tide while preventing seawater ingress during high tide events.

Local Community and EA Alignment: The choice of side-hung doors was influenced by positive experiences at another site and garnered support from the local community. The Environment Agency (EA) also endorsed this approach, citing it as the best practice in their Elver and Eel Passage Guidelines. The side-hung doors were recognized as a superior option for eel passage, meeting Best Achievable Eel Protection (BAEP) standards.

Enhanced Fish Migration Opportunities: The vertical hinge orientation of side-hung doors offered advantages such as easier opening, greater extent, and longer duration. This increased accessibility facilitated fish migration, aligning with the EA’s guidelines. The doors’ side entry point and lower water level differential requirements enhanced their effectiveness in managing flood events.

AQUIKO Welded Airtight Construction: The AQUIKO doors featured a welded airtight construction, providing a lightweight design that maximised drain capacity upstream. This construction minimised water level differentials, contributing to efficient drainage and reducing the risk of flooding.

The Result

Improved Flood Protection: The installation of AQUIKO side-hung doors significantly improved flood protection in the Cockerham area, safeguarding arable farmland from potential flooding during high tide events.

Optimized Drainage Efficiency: The doors’ unique design and orientation ensured efficient drainage by minimizing headloss, allowing water to leave the catchment with maximum capacity. This optimization reduced the likelihood of flooding during flood events.

Enhanced Eel Passage: The side-hung doors provided optimal conditions for eel passage, aligning with EA guidelines, and contributing to the preservation of aquatic ecosystems.



Community Endorsement

The local community’s positive reception and endorsement of the side-hung doors reflected their understanding of the benefits, emphasizing the success of community engagement in water infrastructure projects.


EA Best Practice Recognition

The Environment Agency’s recognition of the side-hung doors as a best practice for eel passage showcased ACE’s commitment to aligning with and exceeding industry standards.


Efficient Airtight Construction

The use of AQUIKO’s welded airtight construction not only enhanced the doors’ lightness but also demonstrated ACE’s dedication to innovative and efficient engineering solutions.


Reduced Flooding Risks

The comprehensive solution implemented by ACE reduced the risks of flooding, offering a sustainable and effective flood defence system for the Cockerbridge location.

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