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Daylesford Road Back Raking Machine

The Brief

The project addressed a flood risk associated with a stream running under Daylesford Road in Cheadle through a culvert. The existing manually operated screen in the culvert posed challenges during severe weather conditions, with limited availability of operatives for manual raking. The Environment Agency (EA) sought a more robust and automated approach to mitigate flood risks, considering the limitations of traditional overhead gantries. The solution needed to be compact, easy to maintain, and aesthetically appropriate for the location.

The Solution

Landustrie Back Raking Machine: To meet the requirements, ACE proposed the installation of a Landustrie Back Raking Machine. The choice was influenced by the need for a non-imposing structure that could operate efficiently in confined spaces. The back raking machine offered easy maintenance, compact design, and a fully mechanical drive system, eliminating the complexities associated with hydraulics.

Customised Electronic Panel: To enhance functionality and meet specific EA requests, ACE implemented a customised electronic panel. This panel included a Castell key interlocking system and additional start and stop lights. The machine utilised a 1.5KW motor with a payload capacity of 170kg.

Training and Support: ACE provided two full training days to the operation and maintenance teams, ensuring a smooth transition to the new automated system.

The Result

Automated Operation: The Landustrie Back Raking Machine operates autonomously, utilising upstream and downstream level sensors to detect blockages. It starts and stops automatically, ensuring continuous clearance of debris. This automation significantly reduces the risk of flooding to the local population and nearby properties.

Enhanced Monitoring: The site, equipped with CCTV, allows the EA to monitor the dump site and initiate removal procedures when a sufficient amount of debris accumulates.

The Daylesford Road Back Raking Machine Project showcases ACE’s commitment to delivering innovative, efficient, and reliable solutions to address critical flood risks, contributing to the safety and well-being of the local community in Cheadle.



Flood Risk Mitigation

The implementation of the automated back raking machine successfully mitigated the flood risk associated with the stream culvert. Its ability to operate autonomously ensures efficient debris removal, reducing the risk of flooding during severe weather conditions.


Compact and Aesthetic Solution

The chosen Landustrie Back Raking Machine met the aesthetic requirements of the location while providing a compact and efficient solution. Its non-imposing design aligns with the site’s visual considerations.


Operational Efficiency and Training

The fully mechanical drive system, easy maintenance, and comprehensive training provided by ACE contribute to the operational efficiency of the solution. The training ensures that the operation and maintenance teams can effectively manage and maintain the automated system.

Efficient, professional and friendly

The ACE project management team managed their supply chain very well, always meeting all of our requests and dealing with changes in an efficient, professional and friendly manner. They are good people to work with and achieved high safety standards, embracing all of our safety procedures and requirements.

John Smith – Langford Lowfields


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