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Ouse & Humber Flood Prevention

The Brief

Laxton and Blacktoft, situated along the Ouse River leading into the Humber estuary near Goole, experienced severe flooding in 2007. To address the risk of future disasters, the Ouse & Humber Drainage Board (OHDB) initiated plans and fundraising efforts. The project aimed to build two land drainage pumping stations, one in Laxton and one in Blacktoft, coupled with enhancements to the flood defences upstream.

The Solution

Land Drainage Pumping Stations: OHDB implemented a comprehensive solution involving the construction of two land drainage pumping stations in Laxton and Blacktoft. The drainage system upstream of these stations was widened and interconnected, allowing each pumping station to serve a substantial catchment area.

Replacement of Heavy Wooden Pointing Doors: As part of the flood defence improvements, old heavy wooden pointing doors were replaced with lightweight HDPE flap valves. These new valves, manufactured by ACE, open earlier, allowing less water upstream and enhancing the resilience of the catchments.

Environmental Considerations: ACE supplied flap valves with a unique re-set fish passage system, ensuring that flood defence measures did not hinder fish passage. Fish-friendly axial flow pumps were incorporated to pump eels from the drain into the Humber without causing harm. These pumps boasted unrivalled efficiency, exceeding 80%, contributing to a reduced environmental footprint. The use of HDPE material in flap valve manufacturing not only improved drainage capabilities but also significantly lowered the carbon footprint compared to traditional options like cast iron and steel.

The Result

Enhanced Flood Defences: The implementation of land drainage pumping stations, coupled with the replacement of traditional pointing doors with lightweight HDPE flap valves, significantly enhanced flood defences in Laxton and Blacktoft. The widened and interconnected drainage system further improved the catchments’ resilience against future flooding.

Fish-Friendly Solutions: The inclusion of fish-friendly axial flow pumps and unique re-set fish passage systems ensured that the project not only protected properties and infrastructure but also prioritized environmental considerations. This holistic approach enabled the safe passage of fish through the drainage system.

Reduced Environmental Footprint: The project achieved sustainability goals by using materials with lower environmental impact. The HDPE flap valves, and fish-friendly axial flow pumps contributed to an overall reduction in the environmental footprint of the flood prevention measures.



Holistic Sustainable Solutions

ACE’s approach went beyond addressing flooding concerns; it offered holistic and sustainable solutions. By integrating environmental considerations into flood defence measures, the project showcased a commitment to balancing infrastructure development with ecological preservation.


Collaborative Success

The success of the project was made possible through collaborative efforts, with special thanks to the Ouse and Humber Drainage Board and ESH Group. Their involvement played a crucial role in realizing a project that not only protected communities but also prioritized environmental sustainability.

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