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Thorne Moors Pumping Station

The Brief

Thorne Moors, historically a raised peat bog, faced water inundation to conserve its peatland habitat. Doncaster East Internal Drainage Board, in collaboration with JBA Consulting, initiated a project to commission a new pumping station. Aquatic Control Engineering Ltd (ACE) supplied an innovative Archimedean screw pump—the first of its kind in the UK—to efficiently manage water levels.

The Solution

Innovative Fish-Friendly Screw Pump: ACE supplied a Fish Flow Innovations screw pump, enclosed in a vinyl ester pipe for enhanced efficiency, extended design life, and minimal noise. The innovative leading-edge design ensured the pump to be virtually 100% fish friendly. Equipped with a variable speed drive, the pump operated at peak efficiency, adjusting to required flows without surplus energy consumption.

Off-Grid and Renewable Energy: The pumping station operated entirely off-grid, employing an intelligent renewable energy control system triggering a generator when pumping was necessary. ACE designed the station to minimize energy consumption, featuring an ACE tilting weir for gravity bypass, keeping pumping to a minimum. Solar and wind-powered telemetry further contributed to sustainable operations.

Quick Installation and Composite Materials: North Midland Construction Civil Engineering Division constructed the pumping station, while ACE installed the screw pump, control system, tilting weir, flap valves, and stoplogs. The prefabricated single-frame screw pump facilitated quick and safe installation. The use of composite materials addressed the acidic nature of the peat bog water, providing corrosion resistance superior to traditional steel construction.

The Result

Efficient and Sustainable Pumping: The Fish Flow Innovations screw pump, with its enclosed design and variable speed drive, ensured efficient and fish-friendly water management. The off-grid operation, renewable energy sources, and intelligent control system contributed to sustainable and environmentally conscious pumping.

Reduced Hydrostatic Head: The effective hydrostatic head was reduced by 250mm compared to traditional screw pumps, enhancing the overall efficiency and performance of the pumping station.

Quick and Integrated Installation: The prefabricated screw pump frame allowed for a quick and safe installation, while the collaborative efforts of ACE, Interlec, and North Midland Construction ensured seamless integration with the solar and wind-powered telemetry system.



Innovation in Water Management

The Thorne Moors Pumping Station stands as a pioneering project, introducing the first-of-its-kind Fish Flow Innovations screw pump to the UK. The innovative design, materials, and renewable energy integration showcase a commitment to advancing water management practices.


Holistic Environmental Solutions

The project demonstrated a holistic approach, not only addressing water management needs but also prioritizing environmental sustainability. Reduced hydrostatic head, fish-friendly design, and renewable energy solutions collectively contribute to the ecological well-being of Thorne Moors.


Collaborative Success

The successful implementation of the project was achieved through collaborative efforts, involving North Midland Construction Civil Engineering Division, ACE Ltd, Interlec, and other stakeholders. Their collective expertise and dedication contributed to the achievements of the Thorne Moors Pumping Station.

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